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Details: This is a super high quality Cookbook Package including 4 Bonues Videos which teach people how to make THE BEST PIE EVER, using methods, techniques, and time-perfected recipes taught by a mom who found herself baking pies for a Mountain Lodge in the Northwest, a few years ago. People from as far away as Seattle would call ahead and reserve a piece of pie, and then drive over two hours to eat it!  Many customers claimed her pies to be THE BEST PIE EVER!


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Subject: What If You Could Make The Best Pie Ever This Holiday Season...?

Hi {!firstname_fix},

With the Holidays coming up, wouldn’t you like to make THE BEST PIE EVER this year?  

There’s definitely a method and a technique behind making the perfect pie, and I want to share it with you in a new classic e-cookbook, THE BEST PIE EVER by Margi (Sage) Elgin, a mom who was hired to bake pies for a Mountain Lodge in the Northwest Mountains, a few years back.  

At the time, Margi and her husband were living in a small, one-room cabin on a mining claim just 5 minutes from Mineral Springs Resort on Hwy. 97, between Cle Elum and Wenatchee, Washington.  

Margi wanted something to do while her husband prospected, so one day she dropped by the Lodge to see if she could get a job...

She overheard a customer ask if they had “homemade pies” and knew that this might be “the something” she could do.   After all, she had successfuly baked pies for the only restaurant in her small home town!  

The owner asked her to make him a pie right on the spot, and so she did…   He took one bite and hired her!

As time went on, people from as far away as Seattle would call ahead and reserve a piece of pie, and then drive over two hours to eat it!  Many customers claimed her pies to be THE BEST PIE EVER!

Now you can learn her, secrets, techniques, and time-perfected recipes.

Let Margi take you back in time...and show you how she made THE BEST PIE EVER!


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Subject: There Is Nothing Better Than Your Own Homemade Pie!

Hi {!firstname_fix},

If you ever wanted to make THE BEST PIE EVER, now is your chance!  

My friend, Margi is sharing her old-fashioned, “from scratch” recipes in a new online cookbook, THE BEST PIE EVER.

Margi (Sage) Elgin is a mom who loves to cook and bake. A few years ago, she was living in the Northwest with her husband in a small one-room cabin on a mining claim.  

While her husband prospected for gold, she was “rolling in the dough” at a nearby Lodge, baking pies! 

After many customers asked, “How do you make this crust so flaky?” Margi published her first cookbook, “Oh, Taste and See…” in 1991.

The first printing sold out in six weeks! That book is now out of print.  

Now, years later, Margi is still being asked, “Where can I get a copy of your book?”  

This question has prompted Margi to create her first online e-book, entitled THE BEST PIE EVER, with all the same pie recipes, only this time with lots of pictures showing you her secrets, methods and techniques.  

Margi is even including FOUR BONUS VIDEOS showing you exactly how she created those pies, which so many customers loved to eat at Mineral Springs Resort, while she was there.  

Check out THE BEST PIE EVER here...

Let Margi take you back in time...and teach you how to use her old-fashioned, made-from-scratch recipes!


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Subject: How to make your friends green with envy!

Hi {!firstname_fix},

Imagine what it would feel like to be at a party with all your friends…

And telling them that you brought a homemade pie…

Seriously this could be you!

Even if you have never thought about baking a homemade pie…

==> Follow this link to be the first of your friends to bake THE BEST PIE EVER!

And that’s not even the best bit…

The best bit is that everyone that eats your pie, will ask, “Who made this? This is soooo good!”

Yes that’s exactly what others said when they ate this pie…

YOU will be so excited…and your friends will want to know how you did it…

==>> Click here to discover this incredible cookbook and how-to video package…

Imagine achieving something that most people only dream about!

Make sure you do it now…

Before one of your friends finds this incredible package first!


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Subject: Make A Homemade Pie From Scratch… SERIOUSLY?!

Hi {!firstname_fix},

 Yes I am being serious!!

Margi (Sage) Elgin, a mom who became well known in the Northwest for making the best pie ever, is now sharing her secrets, techniques, and time-perfected recipes, in her new online cookbook, THE BEST PIE EVER…

She is also including FOUR BONUS VIDEOS showing you exactly how she does it...

Click the link below to find out more about this amazing Pie Baking Package…

==>Learn How To Make THE BEST PIE EVER…

Imagine how great it is going to feel to be able to make a homemade pie that gets rave reviews!

Just think for a moment… …if you could make a pie crust that literally melts in your mouth… …would that make your family and friends stare at you in wonder?

You could do that tonight…!

==> Learn how NOW by clicking this link…

This amazing cookbook with FOUR BONUS companion videos will show you exactly what you need to know…

When you know what to do, and why you do it, you will be successful every time!

You have to try it!



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Subject: Get that thought, that you can’t bake a pie, out of your head…!

Hi {!firstname_fix},

You know that thought…

The one in your head that tells you, “I can never make a flaky crust!”

You’ve probably thought that it would be too hard, or take too long?!

Well…that is simply not true!

With this amazing NEW Cookbook with 4 BONUS Companion Videos… ...

anyone can make a homemade pie that literally melts-in-your-mouth!

==> Find out how NOW…

This cookbook with companion videos is perfect for anyone who wants to make a delicious pie from scratch…

Margi (Sage) Elgin has taught many students in her night classes to make mouth-watering pies that their families rave about…

Not one student failed!

While Margi was baking pies for a Mountain Lodge in Washington State, many customers claimed her pies were THE BEST PIES EVER…

Click the link below to find out more


Imagine having your family and friends tell you, “This is the BEST pie you ever made!”

You owe it yourself to find out more…

Do something NOW that you never thought you could…



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Subject: It takes more than a recipe to make THE BEST PIE EVER…

Hi {!firstname_fix},

It’s not often I’m impressed but this cookbook package really made me take notice!

Believe it or not, there is a NEW cookbook out there that is teaching people everywhere how to make the THE BEST PIE EVER …

...even when they thought they couldn’t do it!

==> Follow this link to discover how even a 9 year-old boy baked a Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie for his family after watching the Videos and following Margi’s instructions, in THE BEST PIE EVER cookbook

Margi’s recipes and videos have literally taught many moms, husbands, and students how to make THE BEST PIE EVER for their families and friends!

… Having the right tools, time-perfected recipes, and how-to videos will help you make THE BEST PIE EVER, too!

==> Click here to discover Margi’s secrets, techniques, and time-perfected recipes!

Surprise you family tonight with your own homemade pie that will melt in their mouths!

Imagine how it will feel when your friends and family praise you for making THE BEST PIE EVER…


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